La Lomita Church – Change in plans

dsc05128.JPGDear Supporters,

There have been changes in our plans to support the La Lomita church with their Sunday afternoon meals. While praying it was impressed on me to wait. God knows my heart more than I. It is embarassing to say, however I feel I must share what has been revealed.

Through being searched in prayer, I have discovered that my motives of helping the La Lomita church were not pure. Although my motives were genuine and our hearts were there, it was also mixed with a motive that I feel is very dangerous and I thank God for showing it to us this early on.

The ugly monster that showed it’s head, mixed in with our motive for helping La Lomita, was the need to satisfy the church, family, and other supporters. I wanted something to report back so that our supporters will know that we are doing work here that they can tangibly see. This attitude and heart motive was the problem.

In my prayers, I have felt the need to not support the La Lomita church till God opens the doors the next time. It might be soon… It might be never. However, now I understand that obedience to Him, which includes our hearts and attitudes, is what is more important.

We apologize for disappointing some of you, however please pray that we will do what is right as opposed to what is great.

Shin Y. Kim

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