Train Ride In Rainy Weather With Kids – Drawing A Day

Powered up for the weekend. I thank God for giving me strength. I had to take care of the kids as Annie was helping at church for Thanksgiving Sunday. Last week Elijah asked for the mountains. This week he asked for a train ride up the mountain to see snow. I’m not sure where he’s getting these ideas, but I did the closest thing I can do. I took the two kids and took the Metro Expo line for the first time in my life and headed east. We met a nice man who helped us. It was raining and I thought it would be tough, but on the most part, it was more exciting and invigorating, because we were prepared. We took the train to the Natural History Museum and saw the fake snow in the animal displays. Elijah was so excited. He pointed out the snow. We then quickly visited the Science Center, met our cousins there. That was nice. It was memorable to see the kids in their raincoats on the train. Again, I’m not sure if Josie was on the left or right.

Drawn with crayola color pencils and color sticks

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