Thanksgiving Sunday – Drawing A Day

On Thanksgiving Sunday all the hard work of everyone had really paid off in bringing a joyous memorable gathering. All the church people worked hard for food, decorating, and even performance, singing and giving thanks to God. It was truly joyous. A random funny running gag, in the midst of all the turkey eating, laughing, ham eating, singing, clapping was that a colorful wig came out of nowhere. Yes the one like the you’ve seen on Madagasca 3. During the day, the wig went around to many people’s heads and other body parts and made us laugh. So it ended up on Elijah’s head during our performance. Thank you Youth group and Keith for organizing the skit. At the end of our performance, after we took a bow and said “Happy Thanksgiving” Elijah started singing the “Da Da Dada-dada Circus Circus. . . Da Da Dada-dada Afro Circus”. What was he thinking? Here is my trio of turkeys with the colorful circus wigs.

Drawn with crayola color pencils and color sticks

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