The Saturday Before School Began

Saturday was a busy day for both of us. We had a pastoral meeting from 8am to 9:40am. Next, another meeting with P. Cho, P. Freddy, Shin, me, and Maru about discipleship groups. That went from about 10-11am. From there Shin and I split up.

He went with Rodrigo and his brother to take the old computers from Cerritos to Marangatu.

They carried them down from this classroom,

loaded them up, and took them to the school in this pickup. It was more than one trip from what I heard.

They carried them up through the hallway one by one

where they ended up in this classroom:

In the meanwhile, I went back home and worked on cutting out letters for the bulletin boards I was designing for Marangatu. Maru came over shortly and she worked on classroom decorations for another teacher. Shin came home at almost 2pm because he helped set up computers and install programs. Then I made some chicken noodle soup which turned out muy rico.

After lunch Shin went to the Cerritos school next door and came back in time to go to the Society of Youth meeting around 5:30pm. We caught a bus and joined the prayer meeting.

Then I finished the billboard and service began. (Pictures coming soon)

This is the one I did a week ago for Cerritos School:

That night the teams that were formed at the retreat a few weeks ago were supposed to prepare a skit for Pastor Freddy’s children’s ministry at Ytororo. Only one team prepared. There were two parts. The first was a song that two people sang, while the guy in the middle just held up the lyrics. It’s a popular song. The chorus goes, “Grita la Luz”

The second half was the skit of David and Bathsheba. Michelle is playing one of the servants.

Here’s Pastor Freddy:

And the tech guy, David:

Per the meeting earlier that day, announcements were made to the youth not to get married at the church on Saturday night (for the sake of the Society of Youth Meetings) and also we ended earlier so it would be safer for the girls to go home at night. They usually ended around 11 or 11:30pm but we ended before 10am

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