Trip to Asuncion Shopping Center

This story is a copy paste of an email I wrote to my friend about what happened:

We had quite an adventure yesterday, Shin and I decided to go into Asuncion by ourselves. So afterwards, we were going home from the shopping center and we had never taken the bus this way before. We passed the main street back to our house when we realized we were probably supposed to get off and take a second bus the rest of the way. By then it had gotten dark and we weren’t wearing repellent or the right clothes to be thus exposed.

We exited in a hurry and all the streets were dark except a few houses… it was scary. We walked past a cow, a lot of marshy area with dense bushes. We were fearful we would get bitten and catch “dengue,” aka “bone-crushing fever”. After walking 10-15 minutes God brought us to the entrance to our street but we still needed to get on a bus. They weren’t coming as frequently and the first two didn’t see us because it was dark. Then suddenly, a small, white, car pulled up on the street and turned on their headlights. The windows were completely tinted. I was scared like, who the heck is in the car, what do they want? But then a bus came by and, because we were in the car’s flood light, it stopped for us!

The adventure doesn’t end there. We stood up to exit the back of the bus that was moving full speed. Shin was in front of me. Just as I was reaching for the next rail, the bus lurched on the brake and I was torn away from Shin, and flung towards the front of the bus. Except, I was still facing the back of the bus, so I was running backwards while all the time I was trying to keep my balance and grab any open handle. I kept swiping at the handles but missing! It wasn’t until I had missed about 6 handles that I finally grabbed one way in the front!\n

Even after I grabbed it I felt the kinetic force! The funny thing is, right when I grabbed the handle, Shin turned around- he was ignorant of the whole ordeal until that moment. All he saw was that one second ago my arms were grazing his back waiting to exit, and the next moment, I was on the other side of the bus. I was in a state of shock and amazement that I hadn’t tumbled backwards. I walked back towards him laughing. few of the older men who were previously straight-faced and serious were holding back their laughs!\n

We laughed about it the rest of the night and rehearsed that scenario a few times. It was crazy. But we all know it was only fun because I didn’t get hurt 🙂

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