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More attempts at color blocking. I decided to do a scenery with mountains trees hills. This one was semi-directed by Elijah and Josie. The background and the trees were done by his prompting on what those color blocks looked like, and the couple was inspired by Josie who asked me to draw a girl. I drew the guy in there just for some scenic tension. My wife’s comment about the girl was: “That’s definitely not me”, to which I said. “You’re right”.

Again an incomplete picture.  Notice the man does not have a shadow.

Drawn with Photoshop on Wacom Intuos

Drawing Project 1 (DP:00001)

Wow. Today I did my first drawing Project. Something that was officially used. Here it is. It’s a congratulations card for someone getting married at our church.

The EnvelopeThe Envelope

The Card
The Card
Made on Adobe Illustrator CS2.  Flower patterns galore.
Printed envelope and card with Pixma iP4000.
Material used was white semi-glossy Kelly Paper card stock.