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Progress and Prayer Request

The first month has gone by and our session on “intimacy with God” has ended. It was a transforming experience for me. However, the changes that occured are so internal and spiritual in nature that it is hard to express what it is exactly. Once it is expressed, I feel that it dissipates like a vapor. . . it no longer resembles this spring of water in me. None the less, here is my attempt.

The truth has set me free.
The truth is that of who God is and what He thinks of us.
The understanding of God’s character and being was wrong. It turns out that my understanding of God wasn’t as much based on what the Bible has been trying to say, but an interpretation of God through my eyes tainted by my own past environment and experiences with everything around me.

For example, I had interpreted His love for me based off of my finite understanding of what the greatest love I can imagine would be like. This in essence is worshiping a God that I have limited. God is greater than this and a lot of times I’ve been telling God, you are “this big” when I should have been listening to God who will enlarge me to understand His greatness day by day. Crazy thing is, even in eternity we will STILL be enlarged more and more by how big God is and there will be no end.

I am experiencing the fulfillment & happines of experiencing God more and more every day, and I am headed towards doing almost ANYTHING to encounter God more. . . including living a holy life, dying to myself, pursuing God and His Kingdom first and other things. This passion and hunger to encounter Jesus is consuming me. It all started with understanding how much God loves us. Well, we had our short 3 day break after our first month’s session of “intimacy with God” and we are now heading into our session about “intercession”.

During this break God has placed in our hearts 3 really heavy and serious prayer requests. We have been praying for them almost every day.

I apologize but I do not feel comfortable releasing any information about them in this manner (on the blog) because they are of private nature. We plead, please pray for these 3 people and their families. Also please pray for our strength and protection as we pray for them.

The Other Perspective

Hi everyone. I would like to let everyone know that Annie has now gone back to writing in her own blog, “Daughter of God”. I’m glad that she did. I really enjoy reading her writing. I wanted to recommend that you visit her blog to get a different perspective of what’s going on here.
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