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30 Day Trial of Painter X3 has come to a close

Wow. I now conclude the 30 day trial without getting to paint on the 30th day.
I sat down on my computer to open Corel X3 and got the following screen. I took a screenshot of it so that I’ll have a record of my last day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.32.49 PM

At 11:32 PM, just before the next day. Notice that the countdown on the top right says 1 Days Left. So thinking that I could proceed, click the close button.  The whole program disappears off my launch bar on the bottom.  I search for the program with spotlight and open it again to get the following screen.

At 11:34 PM, I have 0 Days left. I must have passed the threshold for the 30 days mark by hours or even minutes. I would like to see if Corel would be able to explain this one to me.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.34.16 PM

I’m so glad that I did two drawings yesterday.  This will conclude my 30 days of drawing with no drawing on the 30th day, just a screenshot of the 0 days.  My hacker side is itching to hack it so that I can get one more painting that I should get.

If you see another painting, you know what happened.

Communication & Relationship

It feels strange for me to wite an entry of a less formal and personal nature because I’m use to writing official mission reports here on this blog. Before I begin, I would like to  apologize to everyone for our poor communication.  Here is the background information of why I say this.


IHOP, International House Of Prayer, not ( of Pancake ) is the place we will be going for the next 3 months. Starting in Feb 5 2008 – Apr 23, 2008. While we were in Paraguay, back in November, our aunt who had suggested Paraguay Mission to us had suggested yet another place for us to go after we get back. She desired for us to be trained and equipped before we return to our church and start our ministries at church.

We researched and prayed and questioned for a long time.  During this time, we forgot to do something important: communicating our direction. Here is what we did.

We notified an elder of the church in the beginning of January as soon as we felt sure about this place to see if God would open the door, meaning, if it was possible for the church to be able to take our absense once more.

The church’s response was above our expectations, the elder whom I had spoken to responded positivly and even had offered to support us financially as much as they can. We were so thankful.

I admit, up to there, our communication was acceptable. Unfortunately, here are some people we failed to notify: Parents (and inlaws), Extended Family, Youth Group, Church Staff. I am learning now that communication of this nature is crucial for harmony and syncronization of expectations.

And Now. . .

Thankfully, our parents( and inlaws), althrough sad that we are going away again have decided to be behind us in going. The Extended family does not know yet, the Youth group members do not know yet.  Certain key church staff do not know yet, and many members of our church do not know yet.  On top of that, we’re leaving in less than 5 days.

Honestly, I am not certain as to why I did not let these people know. Perhaps I was scared of exposing my life with others. It may seem ovbious to many, but I have newly understood that how people are interconnected.

My mental picture of personal interconnection was like that of freeways, where each freeway is a person’s life. They are concrete entities that have direction.  They meet at junctions (and some freeways don’t even meet eachother).  The only thing necessary to maintin connectoin is to make sure that junctions are well maintained.
Now I understand personal interconnection more like currents of a fast flowing river, more fluid and dynamic. We are not separate entities as water current can not be considered different entities, however each current has it’s path and speed and different other current it interacts with.  People around can not be ignored or controled like a junction of a freeway.  It is not predefined.  A road closed sign can not be put up easily, especially with people who are near you.

Perhaps my insecurity in telling people I am not sure of maintianed my silence. During a conversation with my dad, he said that we should have said,  “We will be coming and doing this, but there will be a chance that this  other thing (IHOP) could happen.” When I heard this, I realized that I should not be afraid to communicate possibilities.

I understood that perhaps it’s a good thing. It is good because they can pray for us, and even guide us and help us. Not that I will be telling people for the purpose of asking for help. I would like to avoid the dangers of that. I’ve learned that keeping people informed is letting people into our lives, and this is relationship.