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STEM and STEAM education

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.  It is an acronym that was used by the National Science Foundation in the early 2000s to describe the field of education in regards to science. It started to make headlines in 2008 and has been a topic of education since then. Schools started to adopt and gain grants for adopting STEM. Not too long ago, this realm has started to embrace the creative brother. One of the founder of STEM claims to unify both as follows: Science and Technology, interpreted through Engineering and the Arts, all based in elements of Mathematics, thus STEAM came to be.

I embrace this integration. I see the end of all the disciplines as tools for innovation, which is creativity. In my life, creativity is the joining point of technology/science and  design/communication(expression), and the reason why I was attracted to both the arts and technology.


Steaming Stem

Here is an organization called SteamToStem

Check out the infographics on the difference between STEM and STEAM made by the University of Florida. I found it on

Elijah Riding A Bike and His Banana Juice – Drawing A Day

Here is a picture of Elijah on his bike, now with his helmet. He’s pretty good now. He glides with no problem. He is now safe. I got too busy to finish the drawing. This is normally how I draw my first draft, and with this, I draw it again and color on top of it.


Elijah did something interesting that night. He wanted to make some sort of juice.  He went into the kitchen and grabbed a stainless steel bowl and filled it with water and brought it to the kitchen table.  Then he went and brought a banana, peeled it and put it into the water. He then went to get a ladle and started to stir the banana. I sat next to him fascinated.  I’m sure if mom was here, this might have stopped quickly, but I let him continue. He stirred the banana and then when and got two cups. He then poured the banana water into the cup. He gave me one and then asked me to drink it. I did. It had a faint taste of banana skin. I drank like 4 cups because he kept offering it. He drank 2. He wanted to put it in the fridge. So I told him to put it into a container with some assistance.  No spills. We then went to get ready for bed.






Drawn with regular black ball point pen.

Hiking Up The Stair Mountain at Baldwin Hills – Drawing A Day

I took the kids up the mountain yesterday. Elijah was insistent on going up one for some reason. I therefore took up on his request and took them to the closest, easiest most mountain looking hill I could find. I took Annie’s camera and headed out. After my wife saw the drawing, she noted that Josie was on the wrong side. I asked her, to explain. It turns out in the picture that I had taken, Josie was on the right side of Elijah. My memory seems to have switched them.

Drawn with regular pencil and crayola color sticks

Favicon Generator

Have you ever wondered how to create those little icons for your webpage? Now that firefox is leaving these nice “dotted squares” in the place of your missing icon locations when you or someone makes a bookmark of your site, it’s even more important to have one at all.  Here is a Favicon generator that you can use.  Upload any image and download your ready to use favicon file.  I don’t have one as of yet, but I will be creating one soon.