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The Entire Zelda Timeline And All – It Finally Makes Sense. . sort of

I have always wondered where everything fit. Some series, I can guess where it goes in the timeline, but there were others that were just too random for me to tell.  I never could take the time to organize and play all the games to put it together like this. Thank you whoever made this chart!  Even if it’s wrong, I can finally get my head around the timeline of all that’s going on in the Zelda series.

History of Hyrule

History of Hyrule

So now can anyone explain to me where the Hyrule Warriors fit in and why Impa is the age she is? Perhaps she and other characters are all from different tracks of time? Perhaps the game will explain.

Super Mario Brothers – Mario Rug

Oh my. . . a Mario Rug!

There was once a time I created hyper-pixel images of nintendo characters and Annie suggested that I make little flat Asian cushions with them. Now recently, we received a gift from the same person that gave me the mario and link keychains. It’s a Super Mario Brothers, Mario Rug!

Here is Elijah with the Rug. He has no idea who this is.

This is so awesome. Thank you so much for the gift!