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R2D2 Korean Melon

There are times when the imagination kicks in and it becomes so real that it becomes almost like a mini vision of some sort. This is one of those moments when I saw the Korean pear sitting on the counter, I saw very clearly the R2D2 sitting there. About a month ago right after Ira was born, I thought to myself. I have to make an R2D2 with the Korean melon. Life went on, etc etc, when I had time, there was no melon, when I had the melon there was no time. Today however, I had both the melon and time and also wife backup. Thank you God!

So here it is. Some pictures of progress and the unfinished final.

photo 1

photo 3

Yes, I know. Where are the legs etc etc. I didn’t have time to finish. Maybe this will keep till the next time all the circumstances align together again.

My wife and I talked about how if this works out I can do a pumpkin version. Maybe?