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Volleyball Thursday

Colegio Cerritos has a sand, volleyball court outside the gym. I haven’t seen many people play on it. It’s not in the best condition. There are all sorts of stones, shards of ceramics, and concrete rocks in the sand, and the poles are leaning inward with tattered banners of volleyball net that were once cut off or had snapped from the tension.

A few weeks ago I asked the Director if I could host an after school volleyball activity. I had the high school students in mind because they stay at school anyways. The Director sent out notices to the student’s parents a few days before. In the meanwhile, Shin and I went on a search for a volleyball net. We found a regulation size at Mercado 4 / Korean District. You can find just about everything there.

So yesterday was the day and I set up the net wondering if anyone would show. Shin came out as my moral support. It wasn’t long before the following people came: high school boy #1, but none of his friends wanted to play so he left, middle school boy #2 who stayed and played until the end, a flock of 6th grade girls with no idea how to play.

Then the PE teacher came. He’s very competitive or just wanted a really good game. The first thing he did was kick the girls off the court and set up a 2 on 2 match. Shin and I were on one side and he and middle school boy #2 on the other. We got rocked. But winning or losing, the weather was perfect for outdoor volleyball. It was windy but warm and not too bright for the eyes. I could have tricked myself into imagining that the ocean was just a few hundred yards away. Once the PE teacher sized everyone up he started insisting that loser buys Coca-Cola. We had enough for a 3 on 3 match and our side lost.

I walked across the street and bought a 2 liter for our losing team. It was great being in Paraguay at that moment because the vender only had 4 dusty cups he could give me. That stuff hardly matters. You just wipe the dust off and share cups (I only shared with Shin) and it’s “tranquilo,” or “whatevers”. I never knew how delicious Coca-cola is when you’re thirsty. Those few moments in the breeze waiting for the heart to slow down, drinking a cold soda and basking in the camaraderie was great. I asked the students if they would come next week for volleyball and they said yes. So we’ll see if there’s going to be another volleyball afternoon.

As everyone prepared to leave the Director showed up and chastised one of the players. It turned out he was supposed to be picking up trash the whole time! Then one of the other two guys was asking where I bought the volleyball and how much it cost. Next he asked if he could borrow it to play basketball. I asked for how long? And he said about an hour. I asked if he could return it to the house and he said yes. I showed him which one was our house and he kept looking back at his friend and chuckling.

I was about to lend the ball to him when it struck me to put an insurance clause on it. I was only thinking to cover myself in the case that it exploded, or in case one of them kicked it on the roof. I told him to agree that if he didn’t return it to me it would be his responsibility to pay me for what it costs. And it had to be returned in original condition. Then his friend said, “Just him. Not me” and I said, “Okay. Only he’s responsible.” Then the guy muttered something and left and his friend told Shin, “Do you know what he was trying to do? He was going to take it.” Honestly, I felt bad for even putting that clause on the ball. But after I found out his intentions, I felt good for acting on my intuition. That’s how you become a strong (Black) woman.

Third Life – Part 2 – Apologies

Thank you all so much for supporting us in prayer and with your comments. We are moved and encouraged.

At the time of the incident, it seemed so real and out of place. I really thought I was going to die. The feelings were real and my fear was real. I really thought that I could have died. After hearing from the doctor that it was an anxiety attack, the reason seemed out of place because I could not see how I was anxious. I thought I was calm and relaxed the whole time.

But after thinking about the doctor’s diagnosis and hearing from people who are around me here who are praying for me I am embarrassed to reveal that I have may have overemphasized the Spiritual aspect of the incident. I don’t doubt that the spirit world was involved, but to pinpoint that the cause was completely a spiritual attack was rash. I apologize for scaring all of you with the previous report.

Now, after hearing the counsel of our leaders and parents and thinking about it, it seems true that the reason for the incident may have been caused by stress. I was not able to perceive it but the people around me have told me that I always look tense or that I always looked worried. I was also told that I do not seem to know how to relax or to release my stress. I think it is all true.

Last night, I prayed and thought about this a lot more and decided to follow the word of God given to me: 1 Peter 5. In verse 7 it says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” This incident happened because of my character flaw. I now understand that this incident has turned out to be the grace of God to expose my weakness for my good- for me to offer it to Him.

I am so thankful that I cannot explain it. I see the world in a completely different way. I thank God for teaching me in such a tangible way. I am confirmed once more that God loves me and desires for me to grow here. So through God’s power & Gods will I will change.

Thank you everyone for your cares and prayers. Please continue to pray for us.

Basic organization of the organizations

The organizations we are serving under are Marangatu & Cerritos. They are under the care of Missionary Cho and his wife unless otherwise stated below.

  • C1 – Cerritos Mission Center. This is where our house is located
  • C2 – Ebenezer Church. This is the church that is inside the mission center It is managed by the locals
  • C3 – Cerritos School. One of the schools we teach at.
  • C4 – Mission Office – Where we get our internet connection.
  • M1 – Marangatu Church. Where Missionary Cho serves as pastor.
  • M2 – La Lomita Marangatu Church. Daughter church of Marangatu.
  • M3 -Ytororo Marangatu Church. Daughter church of Marangatu
  • M4 – Marangatu School. The other school we teach at.

I hope this will help in understanding how things are organized here.

School has begun

First Week of School (for Shin)

Today is friday and the first week of school is now complete.
Looking back, I do not recall anything that was extraordinary. However, I do remember things, and I do not know why. I will attempt to define them.

* Definition of all Bold words are on the bottom

img_0772.jpgAt School
Most of my time at school was spent on trying to figure out my Horario. I have two Horarios. One for Marangatu and the other for Cerritos. Luckily for me, my Horario for Marangatu was inactive for the first week because there were many conflicts. Today I received a call from Christian from Marangatu, just before I had to go to my class at Cerritos, asking me to honor the Marangatu Horario. I was Confunsando because I thought I wasn’t supposed to go to Marangatu for the fist week.

The Horarios tend to change alot. At one time, they changed during mid-day, causing me Confunsando, and I had to rush back to school to teach unprepared. Nonetheless, my Confunsando is not even comparable to what the principals have to go through. They have to deal with Everyone’s Horarios at the same time. The principals tell me that it will settle down more the next week. I am Esperando that it does. I’m looking forward to next week’s adventure.

I would like to thank the principals for doing such a great job with battling with the Horarios for our sake. They have to deal with the Horarios + all the other work they have to do.

img_0769.jpgAfter school – At Home
At home we dealt with a broken Tanque & Cuchon Bichos. Ever since we arrived, we had problems with Bichos. We would get bitten all the time. We were told that it was normal so we endured it. At some point I had more than 20 bites just on the legs. One day, the missionary and his wife saw it and said that it was not normal to be bitten that much. After talking it through we decided that the Bichos were from the Cuchon. We quickly gave the measurements of our Cuchon to the maintainence man so we can get a new one. We are Esperando.

At about the same time we discovered our Cuchon Bicho problem, our Tanque started to leak. The maintainence man came to fix the Tanque only to find out that the problem was bigger than he thought. It turns out that the Tanque has to be replaced completely. The Tanque is fairly huge, and it requires two people to carry it with some difficulty. It hangs on the wall above our heads. Two of them worked extremely hard to get that down. Lucky for us it is hot here and we do not need the Tanque yet while we are Esperando.

I would like to thank the maintaince people for doing all this hard work. They are in charge of keeping the whole campus, that includes all the school facility + homes ( like ours ) in a clean & working condition.

We start official teaching/assisting at Escuela School this Sunday. We are Esperando.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bicho: N: (bee-sho)
1) Undetectable & invisible creatures that leave puffy red marks on skin after feeding. 2) Prohibits sleep and peace. It can also be used as a form of torture. It can cause mild paranoia, and even insanity for the weak-minded. It is not the bichos themselves that cause insanity, but the residual effect of their feeding.

Bold: Adj: (bowl-d)
I know you know the meaning of this, but it was in bold, so I must define it. Thick letters.

Confunsando: Adj: (con-foon-san-doe)
1) A word Shin uses to express his state of not knowing what is going on. 2) It does not exist in spanish, the correct word is Confundido.

Cuchon: N: (kku-chone)
1) Where the ecosystem of bichos thrive 2) A soft plushy object humans usually sleep on. 3) Bad sleep. 4) Spanish word for mattress.

Esperando: Adv: (es-peh-ran-doe) – 1) Spanish word for waiting 2) Spanish word for hoping.

Horario: N: (oh-ra-rio)
1) Often termed, “the monster” or “the beast” 2) Something that changes often due to conflicts with others of its own kind. 3) There could be one or more horarios per teacher at a school. It is the source of their conflict and confusando with each other, the principals and schools. 4) Principals manage the horarios, but many will agree they are a slave to the horario. 4) Spanish word for schedule.

Tanque: N: (ttan-que)
1) Where our hot water was boiled and kept for our hygiene needs. 2) Spanish word for tank.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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