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IOS Programming – Codea – The Calculator

A friend of mine talked about LUA for game programming, so I got curious and looked some stuff up and happen to stumble on a IOS app that allows you to program using LUA for an IOS app. It is called Codea. I was skeptical at first due to the major limitations and constraints this has, but once I started to program in it, and found the ease and simplicity of how rapidly development can happen, the limitations were not a problem.  I ventured out to do my first project, “The Calculator”.  Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. It’s more complicated than this, but simply put, this is a LUA interpreter running on top of objective c. If you are interested in the details of how this works, here is the link.  This is a calculator for the iPad. Hopefully it will load and run swiftly to be useful. If I can get it solid, i will make it available for free in the app store.



Thought I would start to dabble in the HTML 5 world a little bit.

My motivation came from this article about the trend of HTML 5.

Here is the actual W3 Page about HTML 5.

So what browsers currently support HTML 5?
It seems that many major browsers do support it, but not in full. Here is the list of browsers and their version in the order of most support to least.

  • Google Chrome 14
  • Mozilla Firefox 7
  • Apple Safari 5.1
  • Opera 11.5
  • MS Internet Explorer 9

If you want to see what else supports HTML 5 check out the HTML 5 support list
Does Yours Support HTML5?

Tech Experiment – QR Codes

All the new buzz about the QR Code. I got interested and decided to try it out. After making this, I didn’t quite know what to do with it or how to apply it in an interesting way. It seems that It can hold URL, E-Mail, Telephone, VCard Contact Info, SMS, MMS, WIFI Config, Youtube URI, And for all you Mac people out there, iCal info.
It seems to me, that since all sorts of data could be pressed into this little square, depending on the program reading it, the interpretation could be limitless.

Click the QR Code below to create your own.

Google Buzz. . . oh my

Google Buzz. . What is it?  It’s gmail users being tricked to trip into a social network.

Google Buzz

Here is my illustration for how I feel about Google Buzz.

I find that many people who are using Gmail are falling into usage of this application and have no idea what it is. We all know what it feels like and what it’s trying to do sort of.

I also found that during the google buzz setup, if the instructions are not read carefully, you and everyone on your list will either be following or be followed.  It’s almost like they did it like this to avoid what happened with wave.

Please google do not sue me.  I am a poor programmer/artist looking for his outlet.