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This is how it was confirmed

During the Heaven on Earth convention which was held at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, our aunt Sarah, who had highly recommended that we come, let us know that there was an open mission opportunity for Annie and I. It was a casual comment made during a lunch conversation.

It was Annie who first took notice of the opportunity and continued asking questions. I on the otherhand thought of it as something that would not make sense at this time in our lives, and that it might be outside of God’s plan for us. So, hoping that it wouldn’t happen, I stayed quiet for a little bit and let things happen.

First of all, I must mention that I have not seen my wife this excited or passionate about anything during the time I have known her, so I knew something was up. However, In the case that God DID confirm that we were to go, I was ready to follow. The chances seemed very slim, so I let her do what she needed to do to get more information and other such things. I basically let her take the steering wheel on this and sat back to observe if this was God’s plan or not.

Back to the convention. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze and a certain energy in the air while Annie asked question after question about the mission opportunity. I too was interested, yet deep inside I felt that it was just something I had to let go, since it would not be possible. A strong reason why I did not think it was possible was because I had accepted the calling to be a pastor at that convention and was excited about coming back and sharing the new God-given fire / power / authority given to me. It did not make sense in my mind to leave the youth, that I had recommitted to serve.

After the convention, there was small chat about Paraguay here and there between Annie and I. She was still so very excited about the possibility. I, on the otherhand, had already put it behind me and had inner peace about staying at WLAKC and serving as a youth pastor. Nonetheless, the wheels kept turning, and God kept moving.

Only 2 days later, we got a call from Aunt Sarah telling us that the missionary, who in normal cases would NEVER be able to come back to the U.S. was here due to a family emergency. Sarah connected us with her friend ( a pastor’s wife ), whose husband ( a pastor ), was hosting Rev. Pedro Cho ( the missionary ). We drove out to Cerritos Presbyterian Church ( Korean ) to meet and hear him speak about his work.

We were not able to officially meet with him that day, but we exchanged contact so that we could set an appointment. I must mention, that Annie orchestrated this whole thing. So, there we were, at the pastor and his wife’s home where he was staying, talking to him about Paraguay, exchanging contact information and asking each other for prayer & confirmation. I still didn’t think it could be a possibility.

That very next Sunday, Annie wanted to tell our current youth pastor about this opportunity. She also thought it would be right to tell the head pastor and all the deacons early on so she went and gathered them. Luckily, they were going to have a meeting anyways, so they came to the room. We asked them to pray with us for confirmation. We told them that we were ready to go if they would send us as a church according to the vision and plans God had for the church. The meeting ended rather quickly with them asking us for more details of how much it will cost for them to send us. We prayed and we stepped out.

The reason that Annie had rushed this meeting was because our youth pastor was going on a business trip and would be absent for 3 weeks plus. She felt the need to tell everyone while he was there.

The friday after the meeting, I get word from a student that they heard that we were going to Paraguay. This person was distressed. It was strange for us to hear this because we had not yet made up our minds, or have received a “go” from the church. It turns out that the head pastor had told someone about it with the notion that we were going to go to Paraguay whether we were supported or not, on our own as our own mission trip. This was so far from what we were trying to accomplish.

That saturday, with much encouragement from my wife, I called the head pastor to clearify what we ment during the meeting. It turns out that the whole of the deacons had thought we we had made up our minds to go.

At this time, I was personally struggling with the idea of going because it had become all too real. I didn’t think it would come this far, but it did.

Paraguay Mission Preperations

We are extremely busy trying to get the tasks done so that we will be able to go to Paraguay without any fallout. So many little things to do.

  • Working hard in the youth to set up leadership and ministries
  • Working hard at work to make sure my leaving will not hurt the company.
  • Purchasing plane tickets
  • Getting a Paraguay Visa
  • Sending out mission support letters
  • Moving into parents house
  • Renting the home out
  • Shin – Passport – mine currently expires 7/2007 so I can potentially get stuck there
  • Shin – Immunizations (all those shots aahhhhh!)
  • Purchasing equipment for missions
  • — other things i remember —

The above items are things I have in my mind.
I’m sure there are more. I will add them to a second list as I remember them.

Please visit the Paraguay page for more information on the mission and support.

This is how it happened – My Bio

For the longest time, I’ve been stuck and wandering in the desert. All my life, I had lived with a sense of progress, movement, pursuit of the clear and present next step in my life.

After I married, my personal life direction has gone into a strange stagnation. I believe there was a reason for it. I can not dismiss that Annie and I have come a long way in our relationship and learned alot through the (2) years together, taking things slow.

In reality, it was not marriage that caused me to wander in the desert, but that, prior to getting married, I had promised my parents, and Annie’s parents, that I would not go a certain direction in my life. From there, I had to find another direction. I thought perhaps, because I love to empower the youth, my next step in life would be to become a teacher. Doors closed quickly. That was also part of my wanderings. God let me wander for a while till recently when he offered me the opportunity to make the choice again. I felt the need to take that offer this time, or I would regret it greatly.

After I said yes, things started to happen. The water started to flow. My direction in my life became clear again.

Here are the mildstone accounts of my life that God has taken me through.

Feb 1978 – July 1998

  • Brought up as a Christian with Christian values.
  • Gave my life to Christ at a Christian retreat not from our church.
  • Steady growth in Christian life into college.

    Aug 1999 – Oct 2004

  • Wandered in college which lead to rededication to Christ completely.
  • Called to sacrifice my newly found church & friends to serve youth at my home church.
  • Served youth under youth pastor.
  • Called to be a pastor while praying in my bedroom.

    Oct 2004 – Present

  • Promised parents I would not become a pastor.
  • Married.
  • Served with wife as youth teachers.
  • Pursued a career as a teacher and failed.
  • Youth pastor left and we wandered in the desert.
  • Went to leaders/teachers conference and was called to be pastor again. Said Yes.
  • Mission opportunity given to us. Parents support pastorship & mission.

    Through much prayer & seeking God’s plan we were confirmed to go to Paraguay.
    The church has decided to send us to Paraguay.
    God has laid out our plans for us.
    Here are the next 5 years.
    We will be renting out our home and living with our parents. All our belonging will be dispersed to my parents and Annie’s parents. We will go on missions for 1 or 2 years and return. Upon returning, I will enter into seminary and Annie and I will try for a baby. I will be serving the WLAKC youth when I return unless God gives us a different direction. We will continue living in my parents home until God allows us to move back into our home, or another home.

    2007 – 2008: Paraguay
    2008 – 2012: Seminary, Living with parents, Annie first baby, continue serving youth.
    2013 : ?UNKNOWN? – Waiting for God to show us.

    This is what is laid out.
    I am scared to think what will happen at 2013, even 2008. I know that I will be a different person entirely, and I pray that God will grow me into a MAN of God