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Third Life – Part 2 – Apologies

Thank you all so much for supporting us in prayer and with your comments. We are moved and encouraged.

At the time of the incident, it seemed so real and out of place. I really thought I was going to die. The feelings were real and my fear was real. I really thought that I could have died. After hearing from the doctor that it was an anxiety attack, the reason seemed out of place because I could not see how I was anxious. I thought I was calm and relaxed the whole time.

But after thinking about the doctor’s diagnosis and hearing from people who are around me here who are praying for me I am embarrassed to reveal that I have may have overemphasized the Spiritual aspect of the incident. I don’t doubt that the spirit world was involved, but to pinpoint that the cause was completely a spiritual attack was rash. I apologize for scaring all of you with the previous report.

Now, after hearing the counsel of our leaders and parents and thinking about it, it seems true that the reason for the incident may have been caused by stress. I was not able to perceive it but the people around me have told me that I always look tense or that I always looked worried. I was also told that I do not seem to know how to relax or to release my stress. I think it is all true.

Last night, I prayed and thought about this a lot more and decided to follow the word of God given to me: 1 Peter 5. In verse 7 it says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” This incident happened because of my character flaw. I now understand that this incident has turned out to be the grace of God to expose my weakness for my good- for me to offer it to Him.

I am so thankful that I cannot explain it. I see the world in a completely different way. I thank God for teaching me in such a tangible way. I am confirmed once more that God loves me and desires for me to grow here. So through God’s power & Gods will I will change.

Thank you everyone for your cares and prayers. Please continue to pray for us.

Third Life – Prayer Request

Shin had a near death experience today this Sunday morning at 10:00AM.

Children’s service began at 8:30AM. Shin couldn’t stand up for praise because he couldn’t breathe so he sat down and put his head between his knees. Then after that we were dismissed to go to Escuela dominical (Sunday School) to help the classes.

Then, in Shin’s words, this is what happened leading up to the incident:

During the entire class I felt bad but thought it would go away.
I started losing feeling in my hands so I tried to massage them.
Then I started to cough while they were taking prayer requests so I asked them to pray because I couldn’t breathe. Then my jaw and head started to feel numb and I was dizzy.
I moved to the window, then to the door to get fresh air.

Finally I was so dizzy I told the teacher I had to go outside so I went downstairs and drank water. Then after class ended the kids came down and one student asked me if I was okay. I said I didn’t know. Pastor Christian asked me if I needed to see the doctor. Then Charles and Pastor Cho came and Charles offered to take me there.

By the time we left, my hands, face and feet were feeling numb.
But I was thinking, “If this is how bad it is, I think I can get there without dying”
But I was wrong. About ten minutes in, my whole face was numb. Then my body started to feel completely numb like my whole body fell asleep.

Usually after an arm or leg falls asleep comes the pain. With the pain I didn’t even know if my hand was clinched or not. I only know that it was clinched because I saw it. I couldn’t control my muscles and I couldn’t breathe. I was breathing but the oxygen was not being dispersed in my body.

I was like a rock. I lost sight at some point. I was in such confusion I didn’t see anything. I was gasping and I felt like I lost control of my body because I couldn’t feel. All my muscles were becoming tighter and tighter. Then I started to feel like, “Oh, this is what happens when you’re about to die”. Everything went black and I felt as if my last breath was coming soon.

All my muscles were constricting including my throat and stomace. I coughed as a reaction to find out that every time i gasped air in water came out of my mouth. I thought it was this from my lung. After I vomited I somehow gained enough composure to start praying. I started to pray out loud. I don’t know how because it takes a lot of breath to pray. I felt my body worsen to the point my tongue stopped functioning correctly. So I started to pray louder and louder to God.

At some point in the prayer I said, “God I surrender my life to you, Your will is your will, I’m happy either way,” and that He would use it for His glory. At that point, my tongue started to soften and my speech came back.

When he started praying the first words he said were, “Jesus. Jesus.” But his tongue was completely numb too so he was praying, “Jethus, Jethus.” I will paraphrase because I can’t remember exactly but he was saying but he said, “Even if I die I will praise you. Even if I lose my mentality or my body I will still praise you with my life… Now I see that I can’t even live without you – because you give me breath. If I die, bless Annie. Help her not to be afraid of my death. I give her to you. But if you give me my life I will honor you with my life. I died the first time and this is my second death. I rededicate my life. My life is yours because you saved me”

Charlie was also interceding for Shin with his right hand on Shin’s back and his left hand steering around cars…honking the horn, hand-signaling, and cutting through red lights.

As Shin was commending his spirit to God, I was pleading with God that it wasn’t time yet and commanding Satan to leave in the name of Jesus. I thought Shin was in the process of losing his mental capacities because his speech was slurred and I thought his condition was worsening. I couldn’t believe that at the moment he thought he was about to die, that he would praise God and surrender to God’s will, and even intercede for me.

But as he prayed, he was getting better. When he started to pray outloud, he felt his tongue loosening and an ability to speak correctly. He thought, “OH! I’m being healed!” Then the tenseness started loosening, beginning in his chest. His arms and leg loosened only after he left the hospital. Charlie sensed that it was getting better also. I wasn’t sure but I felt relief because he was able to pray for a long time and that was a good sign.

Somehow, by the time we got there, Shin was still numb and struggling but it was less. The nurses immediately took his vitals and the doctor gave him a mini tranquilizer to relax him. The x-ray and vitals showed that Shin was completely fine and he was getting normal oxygen levels. He was diagnosed as having an anxiety attack.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Shin had been experiencing minor breathing problems this past month but it was always during Worship, Prayer meetings & fellowship at church. Sometimes it stayed with him until after he came home but it always started there. I thought it was due to humidity because humidity makes you feel stuffy. But looking back, Shin saw it was a definite pattern. We are sure that this was a spiritual attack.

We were extremely fortunate that Pastor Cho announced it to the church just as service was starting so the congregation lifted their voices in prayer for him. It was no coincidence that the pastor’s sermon today was about sickness: The whole inner section of today’s bulletin was about the causes of sickness!

I didn’ t know we had such a great need for spiritual protection. Please pray for us, the other leaders of the pastoral team: Pastor Cho, Pastor Freddy, Pastor Christian, Senor Emiliano, David, Charlie, and the members of Marangatu.

Ytororo Church

Ytororo Marangatu is a daughter church of Marangatu. It is located in the city of Ytororo. It was planted in September of 2004. I hear that it has been very difficult. For the last 2.5 years it has faithfully served the children of the Ytororo community.


The attendance varies from between 20 – 120 children. When the short term mission team comes from Cerritos Presbyterian church ( USA ), they do on a bigger scale for Ytororo Church, what we at WLAKC did in Mexico. It is at those times that they reach up to 120 children. However, after weeks of not going because of the rain, the attendance had dropped to 21.

It has been the prayer of the Missionary to build a church on these grounds. It has only recently been announced that the building of the “templo” will start. Very soon, people of Marangatu will be going to the site of Ytororo Marangatu church to pray. In our prayers and Bible readings Annie and I have been pressed to support the building of the “templo”. It is such a blessing to serve and worship there and to see the building of the church coming into existance.




Please pray for the Ytororo church and it’s growth. The purpose of this church is to reach out to people who do not know Christ. Please pray that the community of Ytororo will come to Christ through God’s power through the prayer and efforts of those who serve.

Basic organization of the organizations

The organizations we are serving under are Marangatu & Cerritos. They are under the care of Missionary Cho and his wife unless otherwise stated below.

  • C1 – Cerritos Mission Center. This is where our house is located
  • C2 – Ebenezer Church. This is the church that is inside the mission center It is managed by the locals
  • C3 – Cerritos School. One of the schools we teach at.
  • C4 – Mission Office – Where we get our internet connection.
  • M1 – Marangatu Church. Where Missionary Cho serves as pastor.
  • M2 – La Lomita Marangatu Church. Daughter church of Marangatu.
  • M3 -Ytororo Marangatu Church. Daughter church of Marangatu
  • M4 – Marangatu School. The other school we teach at.

I hope this will help in understanding how things are organized here.