Monthly Archives: September 2007

Dental Ministry in Paraguay

Last week a dentist came from the States to do a dental clinic at Cerritos. He’s been coming here once (sometimes twice) a year for a faithful 15 years. His dental assistant, also a Korean gentleman, came at least 10 times.


They’ve been serving the Cerritos students and employees, the community of Villa Elisa, another city called Villa Rica, and various churches that are invited to participate. All his services are absolutely free of charge and voluntary. Some that he worked on years ago bring their kids to see him now.

This year, Shin and I got to help out after teaching. We asked for patient information, filled out new charts, assigned the order of patients to be seen, found existing dental charts, and kept the line moving smoothly. We also did a little bit of translating, which was amazing but difficult.


The Dr. primarily does extractions and fills. He tried to save as many teeth as possible, but many patients had teeth that were too far gone to restore. When he went to the campos in Villa Rica he pulled nearly 250 teeth in two days. Others elected to take out problematic teeth because they wouldn’t be able to afford dental services otherwise.

It was interesting to see the mix of people receiving dental work. There was a 14 year old boy who was literally shaking in fear. There were two girls who came together, and after they both got a filling they kept poking their numbed mouths and lips in fascination. One girl from our church brought her 6 or 7 year old neighbor a long ways to get a consultation.


It was an honor to meet them. They imparted a lot of knowledge about their perspective on missions, and gave advice in other areas. I feel fortunate to volunteer in the variety of areas and also to see how others live for God.