Monthly Archives: May 2008

Intimate viewing service

We had our viewing service last night at the mortuary. It was just our family. I heard that It came about through an inspiration from God to have it that way. While they were talking to the mortuary about how to schedule what, my father and his older sister, my aunt were discussing whether to have a viewing service or not. As they were talking my aunt, my dad’s older sister’s husband, my uncle said, why not have it and just do it among family, we have elders and pastors in our family, we can just do it among ourselves. It was very good and intimate. We didn’t have to worry about tending to a large crowd and to greeting people. We were able to have a true worship of God and a true dedication. Everyone was glad that it turned out this way.

We also had booklets that caroline my cousin, the daugher of my dad’s older sister, my aunt, had made. She spent at least 3 days sorting, searching, scanning pictures of our grandfather and made an 8 page dedication booklet. It was so good. Here are the pictures of the pages.