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Soda Can – Identify Branding

Drawing Experiment 26

Along the lines of using kids drawings as inspiration to free my mind onetrackedstyle pit. Here is a series dedicated to some popular beverages. Can you identify them? I realized that even a remotely similar rendition of the item can easily be recognized as the brand themselves.  I also added some interesting backgrounds to see if I can conjure up some positive feelings about something as advertisements do by placing unrelated attractive items with their products.   For this series, I will be promoting one of the most despised of school subjects: MATH.




Please Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr.Pepper/7up company, do not sue me, i’m nothing more than a poor creative designer/programmer needing his outlet.

Picnic At The Beach – Kid’s Drawing Style

Drawing Experiment 25


I’ve always been facinated by kid’s drawings. They have such unstructured, fresh, free and expressive drawings that come right out of their minds untainted (somewhat) from influence of popular culture and art styles.  I am taking this time to go back to that mentality, to clean my pallet so to speak and create a series of drawings. This series is called Picnic At The Beach.  Here they are.




Living In & Out The Love Of God

Drawing Experiment 23

That is the theme for our retreat.  Living in the love of God. Living out the Love of God.  Combined = Living In & Out The Love of God.  As I said those things out loud late at night while making the booklet, I was reminded of the famous burger restaurant.  I borrwed their logo to create stickers and booklets for the retreat.  We also actually went to In & Out with these stickers and they were thrilled.  They gave us some of their stickers saying that ours was better than theirs.  Here is the logo.


Also available in SVG
Jpg Scanned, Traced in Illustrator CS2

Please In & Out Burgers corporation, do not sue me, i’m nothing more than a poor creative designer/programmer borrowing popular ideas for a small church retreat.