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The Spark Of Inspiration

Drawing Experiment 27

At some points in life, some spark goes off in the mind, and things become clearer, or things that were once unseen are visible, or things that were at one point fuzily understandable become a solid understanding.  That light that goes off in the head when an inspiration comes, or that spark that occurs when a deeper understanding or realization happens.  This is my “Oooh I now get it!” moments in life expressed. Its’ not too spectacular, kinda subtle, yet beautiful but rough.


Gmail Down – Celebrating A Historical Moment

Hello everyone.

Gmail is down. I can’t believe it.  Luckily it does not affect me nor our business much,
but wow for those who are linked with gmail, it must have been killer.

Here is their google application status page.

Check out the stats for gmail on teh dates:  8/31/09 and 9/01/09.
On 9/01/09 It was down from 8:18AM – 2:37. Wow. From where I was,
it was down from around 2:00PM. That’s a long time for mail to be down.

Luckily, hopefully, it was just an interface downage and not the mail
server outage. It would be bad for those who did not get critical mail they
are waiting for.