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Art made of Statistics

Drawing Experiment 32

I wasn’t going to make this a drawing experiment, except that it was so visually interesting. I was working on a stat program for a website and were looking at unique ip and time spent on site.  My first stat was colorless and just lists and list of ip, page visited, timestamp.  I fixed it up to now be color coded according to ip and it is so much better and so visually attractive.  I can sit and look at people walking through site such vibrant colors.  I thought to myself, what would it look like to look at a whole month back of all the stats.  Here is what it looks like.


The above image is just a sampling. Here is the full PDF of the stats.
For those people who are interested in coding, here is the algorithm I used to color code the IP address.  It isn’t all that complicated, but as you can see, it does bring pretty good variety.

TheCellColor =RGB, where

brtns= 65  // a raised brightness of the color.

R = IP-part1+brtns
G = IP-part2+brtns
B = IP-part3+brtns

So simple, but so pretty. I see some very very good color combination I may use in future art projects that were randomly generated by people visiting the site.  I may also take this algorithm and create a site that is designed by the walk-through stats of people, like..  What color is your IP and start taking a log of all the people that have come by and displayed in a very pretty configuration.

Put IP Color widget on your site.
It is currently under BETA.  More customizations are yet to come.


Experiencing Google Wave’s Slight Turbulence

After using Google Wave a few days, I’m seeing some funny stuff.  Here is their error message:
“This wave is experiencing some slight turbulence, and may explode. If you don’t wanna explode, please re-open the wave…”

Here is the screenshot of the error message and the possible cause of it.

I have blurred out all information of other people for security purposes.
Here is the zoom in of the error message below.



Hey what do you know, I get the Doctor AND the Turbulence at the same time!


Dr. Google Wave Says. . .

Google_Wave_logoIf you’re most people, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you know someone who is kind of a tech person, maybe you’ve heard about it, or have been invited and haven’t done anything after accepting an invite and creating an account.  Google wave… the future wave of online communications kind of.  It’s currently in the beta testing phase.

I tried to test it out by myself for a little bit and got absolutely nowhere.  Once we had about 3 people going at the same time things started to get interesting.  Here is a screenshot of my first encounter with Dr. Wave. I apologize for all you people who actually wanted to read our conversations. For the sake of privacy on their part, I have blurred the conversations.

I thought it would be more exciting like the Google Chrome crash so I can make stickers out of them, but it wasn’t.  But I got a kick out of the thing being called Dr. Wave.


When I saw the word Shiny I thought it knew my name, but it was not.
So I submitted my so very helpful comment to the google Dev Team via “Dr. Wave”.
These guys are so funny.


Am I the only one that thinks this is really funny?

Oval Playing Cards

Drawing Experiment 31

OvalCardSingleFrontBackOval Playing Cards. At first it was a great idea and then discovered that the cards and their corners are so crucial.  Here is the design anyways.  I didn’t quite make any design for the special “one eye jack”, “suicide king” . I though I would put little icons inside the shapes to show it, but then I may need to redesign the whole center area of the face cards.  I stop here since after long hours of trying to make the cards work, they are hard to play with.

As you can see by the list of queens I made below that I know nothing about cards.  After observing and doing research I discovered that some of the cards in the array below do not exist, for example, Red Spade and Red Clover as well as Black Diamond and Black Heart, although I would imagine it would sound cool if I were to say that I have a Black Heart Flush.


Here is a High Straight.


Well this is a nice failed idea.  Back to the drawing board for me.
This Idea will have to wait on the shelf while I do research on how cards are used.