Monthly Archives: May 2011

Worship at Suh Buh church, the spirit of God and the spiritual torch

There was worship happening in a conference or church.  Many young people were there. Particularly, pastor Joshua of Suh Boo Church was there.  The worship leader was praising leading and everything seemed normal. All of a sudden, she stops and says. Wait, wait. What’s wrong.  I do not sense the spirit here. Pastor Joshua agrees and he comes up and says, we must pray. They start to pray.  I agree and start to pray where I am.  Then God tells me to take the torch, spiritual torch and hold it up and run around the are the people were gathered to create a wall of smoke around them to create a protection from outside and a container for them for the spirit to come and enter.  Being a little embarrassed, I raise my hand with the spiritual torch in my hand and look around. Everyone was praying so intensely with their eyes closed, I wasn’t bothered too much. I got out of my seat and started to timidly run around. I do not remember if I made a full circle or not, but I believe I did.

Prayer for Mr. President Obama and his wife

President Obama and posse and Michelle Obama and posse visit Shin in the form of spirits and had come to visit me to give me help. Shin feels that urge to pray for them and asks if he can. Shin prays for the president and then the president has to go.  I then pray for Michelle. The posse who were watching paid Shin a compliment, and Shin responded humbly. Michelle stays behind to thank Shin once more then leaves.

Dream about a book a friend and the presence of God

The setting starts with the pre-notion that Shin had given Hyuk a book and we were reading the same book. Shin was at his house reading the same book. Hyuk was on UCI campus,in the park area, walking and reading the book. All of a sudden, as Shin read a certain section of the book, whatever was in there struck him hard. It wasn’t an emotion of conviction, but a burst of revelation about God and at that same time Hyuk, who was walking, was reading the same section was hit by a bright light from above. He fell on his knees and the ground shook and the same revelation that came to Shin came on Hyuk, but with great power and the ground  / pavement beneath him cracked. There were 2 people walking near there behind a thick tree that was looks like a Y shape. They witnessed what happened to Hyuk, but were not acting surprised.  They just looked and then went back to talking.