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Progressing tsunami waves and the grace of God

With a group of people walking south on a large concrete wall with the beach on the other side.
On the right side about 20-30 feet away was standard metal fence with bars. As we walked south, a large wave started to form. Shin, after seeing this felt the best place to be was next to the concrete wall, so with Annie he came near the wall.  The waves did arrive and did spill over. We continued walking seeing that we were not being affected much. The second time it was a little bit bigger, but the water came over the wall like a waterfall.  The Wall was tilted towards the inside so it was like an umbrella over us and when it came over it was as if we were inside the waterfall.  The water was clear.

All of a sudden Annie panics and climbs the fence.  I follow her over the fence. We were both carrying the kids. She kept on running and I followed. Then the waves came and I thought, It would have been safe next to the wall, but the wave was bigger and it would not have been good next to the wall. We would have been stuck underwater on the fence. When the waves came we rode it out, with kids in each of our arms. The place we were was open space.  I learned that being in open space and also riding out the waves at the beginning of the Tsunami was relatively safe.

We kept walking east till we hit a hotel. I believe for a brief rest we stayed there to eat. I asked for directions or something to a man in a tax in spanish. I felt I was in Brazil. In the hotel dining area,  I saw out the window a large wave. Again clear water. It was coming again. It hit the hotel, but the hotel was fine. We went out to the lobby and found that it was all wet with water up to the ankle. We felt the need to leave but couldn’t because the door leading out was underwater because it was lower.  The hotel provided shuttles that lead out. We lined up and got on the shuttle and got out.

We continued to head out eastward through the city till we got out of the busy part and into a more mountainous suburb. We saw a large museum-like building and went inside for both curiosity and to rest. Once in there, I looked out the window eastward and saw that it was mountains.  There was a very wide grassy hill leading slightly upwards. It was like the windows desktop-sh feeling. I looked at the area and thought, now how can I exit? I must break the window to do it. I thought it was strange to break the window in this public place for no reason.  Annie now had Josie in a stroller. Elijah was holding my hands.

When I turned around and looked, through the other side of the wall of windows, I saw the wave rise up again but this time very high and it was muddy.  For the first time I felt a little fear. I looked at the window and proceeded to crack it with my foot.  It was becoming loosened.  Annie also said, “crack the window”.  I took the stroller and broke the window so we can fit through. Me & Elijah went through and then Annie was coming through with the stroller, but the stroller was too big.  We struggled to pull the stroller through but couldn’t so we decided to leave it there. At that time Annie was holding Josie.

We left it and rushed up the hill. Annie panicked again and I reminded her, that the waves when it gets here will not come like the way it looks over there and that we will be able to ride it through again like before. However, this time, I also felt a measure of fear because of how big the wave got this time. I knew that the other waves were just pre-waves and this one was the actual one.