Monthly Archives: September 2011

Tsunami with my family

Dreamed of a tsunami event. I remember bits and pieces. The setting was on a beach and it felt familiar. I was with Annie, Josie and Elijah. I started seeing the ocean waves becoming increasingly large and coming closer and closer.  We had a place set up on a shoreline and it was relatively far enough so that the water will not hit it.  As I stared into the ocean I saw that the wave was a little larger than normal.  It then came crashing in and I saw the water coming in at at the rate that in my calculations would reach our area.  I was starting to get worried in that moment that our stuff would get wet.

Annie was holding Josie, and Elijah was holding my hands.  Nobody else seems to have noticed, but I said to Annie.  Watch Out! And the water came in and came up about knee deep and covered all the stuff we had.  I didn’t have time to feel upset because when I looked at the ocean, I saw it drawing back even further this time.  I started to run up away from the beach up the slopes up the mountain as far as possible. The waves came increasingly large.

When I got up to the top, I saw that the ocean was drawn so far back the rocks on the bottom of the ocean were visible. I then remembered.  On my gosh, my wife and kids.  I decided to go back down to get them.  As I was going down I saw that the water had washed and eroded the hill, and it had caused it to be the cliff.  I knew that my family was still alive and I struggled hard to find a way down the steep cliff.  I met some people on the way who talked to me, but I don’t recall about what. I then woke up.