Monthly Archives: November 2012

Breakout of life – Drawing A Day

Sometimes life is like Breakout, you have to make sure you hit every brick in the most efficient manner being careful not to drop the ball, as the velocity of the ball quickly becomes uncontrollably accelerated to get to a place where you can then move to the next level.

Drawn with Crayola color pencils

Orange You Glad – Snail, Butterfly, Music – Drawing A Day

I enjoyed making the “Orange you Glad” series and decided to do it again this time with a little color. He encounters personal shortcomings or shortsightedness, but also unpredictable events of nature.

Drawing the unfortunate events of the orange is therapeutic for me.  It helps me to look back at my rough day and take it a little bit more lightly in retrospect. It also helps me to feel loved by God. It’s strange that I feel this way, but I feel that this orange is adorable and love-able. Perhaps God feels that way about me going through my hard day.

Drawn with blue ball point pen and crayola color pencils.