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Dexter’s Laboratory – Dexter and Deedee – Drawing A Day

After much thought and gathering resources, we finally got everything we need to paint on T-Shirts. We got heat set fabric paint and freezer paper, and brushes. As my first attempt, I wanted to make Elijah a T-Shirt with a cartoon character. I choose Dexter for old time sake.  I drew off of the images from the internet. Here are my preliminary actual size drawings to put on the shirt.

IMG_0001 IMG


Drawn with blue ball point pen, and crayola color sticks.

In order to transfer it to paper, I put this drawing on top of he shirt, with freezer paper on the side of the t-shirt. Afterwards, I poked holes on crucial outlines of the drawings (like Michaelangelo did for his Sistine Chapel). I then slightly lifted the drawing and drew lines underneath with chalk. After most of the major lines were in. I took the drawing off and drew on the shirt with a ball point pen. I then put freezer paper on top and then heat set it.

It’s not bad for the first attempt, but it turns out, the amount of paint laid on the shirt is very important. It needs to be consistent.

Here is the picture of the shirt.



Drawn with Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink and blue ball point pen.