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Elsa from Frozen – Drawing A Day

So it seems I got a lot of time with Josie this weekend. She wanted me to draw Frozen princess, so I started on the chalkboard, but she kept on participating again. She continued to come up with different colored chalk and put “makeup” on her face. This wasn’t going to work. So I decided I would draw on paper.  It just turned out to be Josie’s lesson on how to color within the lines. Parts of it were colored by me, and over it by her, and other parts were actually colored by her alone. All the lips were colored by her over and over again. Elsa, who by character was designed to have very small lips were all eventually given extra layers of lipstick to make her lips seem larger. She already figured out how to enhance the lips. Here is Josie so happy to put lipstick on Elsa from Frozen. Oh yea, and about the colors. That’s not entirely her fault, although she loves pink. Its’ because I had printed out the picture for reference and the printer didn’t have a certain color and these are the colors that got printed.


Drawn with grey color pencil and colored by Josie and I with other color pencils.

Thomas The Train – Drawing A Day

I spent some time with my kids on the weekend. They set up a “party” zone around the chalk board with balloons and games and all sorts of other things. It was bordered in with boxes and ottomans baby swing and other movable objects in the living room. They also asked me to wear a party hat when I went in, which were helmets for their bicycle/scooter. So, since the chalkboard came to my attention, I decided to draw on it. One of the things that were part of the party pack were the “Thomas the Train” books. I took one and asked if I can draw on the chalkboard, and here it is. I didn’t get to finish. Josie kept on wanting to draw over mine, so I drew a little Thomas on the corner to keep her busy, but it wasn’t working. Of course she wants to work on the “Big Thomas Train” so I decided to just let it go. I got the camera took some pictures and the kids fought erasing it.


Drawn with standard kids chalk from somewhere on Idea black chalkboard with colors: yellow, green, red blue, purple white

Bob & Larry – Drawing A Day

I’m reading a book from Phil Vischer called Me Myself & Bob about his journey in life as a creative person in God. Thank you Phil for your humble, open honesty about your life. Here is Larry and Bob from Vegetales.


Drawn with standard kids chalk from somewhere on Idea black chalkboard with colors: yellow, green, red blue, purple white.