Monthly Archives: August 2014

Tried out some simple drawing and text combo. Used the neutral color shade canvas to begin. I heard somewhere that in nature, it’s rare to see absolute white and that having a white background as a basis for a drawing is the most unnatural.


Drawn with Painter X3 with Gouache and lots of edge erasing + preserve transparency. Used paint bucket to color in under color. Wacom Intuos. Day 5 of 30 on trial version.

I chose to use the  standard round tip pen that I’m more use to and tried to work on the edges and the layer code for “color”ing with preserve transparency, which is very useful. None the less I didn’t get too far.


Drawn with Corel X3, using round pen tool, “color” layer mode edge erasing and preserve transparency, Wacom Intuos. Day 4 of 30 on trial version

Decided to draw some fruit. These are some fruits I ate in the last few days.
They are the peach, plum and banana.


Decided to use a different brush and stay with it. It turned out ok. I’m still unable to get accurate edges and detailing.

Drawn on Corel Painter X3 with Soft Oil Pastel Brush, Wacom Intuos. Day 3 of 30 on trial version

I’m trying out some new brushes and mixing different ones. The learning curve on using the many brushes is a lot higher than I thought. Perhaps I should Isolate certain brushes I want to use. Here is the cat and the bunny having a conversation.


Drawn with Painter X3, Acrylic wet and Oil wet, Wacom Intuos. Day 2 of 30 on trial version.