Monthly Archives: October 2014


I am working on solidifying the characters that will be used in telling many stories in the future. Let me introduce you to some of them them.

Systemz sees the world in a very black and white way. He tends to be able to simplify very complex issues and compartmentalize them into easy to understand abstractions. This is both his strength and weakness. Often his relationship with people is based on CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) model and other protocols.

Gadgetz is into all gadgetry, from the Swiss Army Knife to the Google Glass. He is willing to embrace all new technology and give it a shot. He’s not just a aficionado of gadgets, but also very capable innovator and builder, always thinking of ways to enhance the world through technology. He claims that he is not a believer of the singularity but he seems to lean heavily towards that camp.

Cheph is a very content fellow who loves to eat and cook and share. He cooks to eat and eats to cook and loves to give it away. He’s always seen with something to eat. Although a little bit on the heavier side in stature, he has a very high view of himself and is rarely discouraged even by the constant bantering of his friends.

Nyq is always sick. His medicine of choice is Nyquil. Although he claims to have been able to do great physical feats in his pre-sick life, he’s been sick so long, nobody believes him. He is always wearing a scarf, even in 100+ degree weather because he believes that his neck his weakness.  Often times his “Whatever” attitude comes into the fuzzy realm of brave and brainlessness.




PinionsWith His feathers he will protect you. Under His wings you will find safety. PS 91:4. May the Lord bring supernatural protection to you.

I have decided to purchase the Painter X3 program. I thank God for giving me revelation so that I can have a right relationship with God about art / media as well as my relationship with art / media itself. This is my journey to what God has called me to do in regards to the arts.  More on this as days go by.  I will do my best to try to draw at least one thing a day with the guidelines that I feel God gave me.

1) I will make it my priority to listen to God on what I draw.

2) My art will not be the object of worship. It will not have control over me. It is a tool to lead me and other into an encounter with the living God.

3) I will not justify my own media/art that was born out of my own soul and purpose and use God’s as a reason for it’s significance.

4) I will try to do one a day.