Monthly Archives: January 2015

Electronic Music – Timeline from Classical Convesation

If you know what this is, then you know what this is. My kids are in Classical Conversation. They have a song that goes through the history called “The Timeline”. I took parts of that song and turned it into a loop. Thank you kids and wife for coaching me in the melody. I experimented with drums and a little bit of building and releasing. I could have done the release better by going back to the slower melody + the slower drums, but oh well. Maybe next time I will be able to nail it.

Electronic Music – Steady Power

I went with a slower more constant powerful feel. Going for the dramatic big and heavy feel. I had so much variation on this, I didn’t get to use it all. I also didn’t want to make it more than 2.5 minutes and then came up under 2 minutes. Movements are fast and I feel that it takes away from it. Oh well. Some things just needs some time to be repeated to build up.
Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Electronic Music – Morning tribute to Grieg’s Morgenstemning

Created a board early in the morning and made a tribute to Grieg’s Morning Mood of Peer Gynt, Op. 23, which is used a lot in mass media to depict the (Surprise) the morning sun rise moments. I took the first 2 sections of it it and put it to a beat. This is my venture into including melodic into the EDM. I feel like it ended Just as it was getting good… but oh well. Maybe I’ll do another run later. Let me know what you think.