Monthly Archives: February 2015

IOS Programming – Codea – The Calculator

A friend of mine talked about LUA for game programming, so I got curious and looked some stuff up and happen to stumble on a IOS app that allows you to program using LUA for an IOS app. It is called Codea. I was skeptical at first due to the major limitations and constraints this has, but once I started to program in it, and found the ease and simplicity of how rapidly development can happen, the limitations were not a problem.  I ventured out to do my first project, “The Calculator”.  Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. It’s more complicated than this, but simply put, this is a LUA interpreter running on top of objective c. If you are interested in the details of how this works, here is the link.  This is a calculator for the iPad. Hopefully it will load and run swiftly to be useful. If I can get it solid, i will make it available for free in the app store.


Electronic Music – The Next Step

Along the same lines of being melodic that my wife suggested. Here is one that I call the next step. There is a stepping arpeggio in it. I also call it the next step, because I’m stretching myself to go to the next step.  It is very hard to get out of the same way of thinking. There are mental habits, and certain musical feelings that I go to by default, which makes the music all sound the same, or similar. I’m sure that’s how it is in real life with my thought life, the way I perceive and understand the things going around me. Being set free of the old way of thinking and taking on a new way of thinking through the renewing of my mind is something I would like to get good at, so that when a deeper understanding or revelation of truth comes about me, the world, and the creator, that I won’t have to drag along my old molted ways at all.

Electronic Music – In The Dream

Here is a new one I did. I had made parts of the board right after the one before “happy bubble land” a few weeks back, but didn’t have the time to record it. Here one titled, “In the dream”, conjuring up the feelings of walking through a dream.  Dreams a very peculiar thing. There are many beliefs about how dreams occur and where it comes from. I’m on the camp of believing that it is more than just the mind processing something. I believe it is one way the Creator God speaks to us. Have you had any dreams lately? They may contain more than what we you think.