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Character Design for a jungle explorer.  Used the brush that I made and am learning how to control it so much better. Opacity adjustment helps me to make the under-drawing so much easier.

I wanted to celebrate entering the 2nd half of this process by giving thanks for what I’ve learned.  I am beginning to understand better Corel X3 program, about digital painting, more in depth about usage of color, of composition and other exciting things. More importantly, I am also learning the more valuable lesson about myself and my God given inclinations, what my heart is invigorated by, and what some of the barriers to the fullness of what I was created to be are. It has been much more than the practice of natural skills. It has also been a spiritual journey. I know. I’ve only completed 16 days, but, in the season I’m in, that’s quite an accomplishment. I’m so very thankful.

I thank God for the push. I thank my wife and kids for giving me the time to do this: Nights where my wife takes care of the needs of the 2 kids + one newborn alone, nights where my kids fall asleep on the chair next to me because they want to spend time with me even through they rather that I would play with them.

Now for the second half. May God give me double portion breakthrough in the natural by the spirit so that I can fly in the spirit with all the technicalities and skill sets under me.  May God give my family the blessing and peace to endure the remaining days, till I make my decision.
More on the decision later.

Drawn on Corel Painter X3 with custom brush with Wacom Intuos. Day 16 of 30 day Trial.