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While on the topic of non kosher animals. Here’s a blue frog.  There is a fat green frog at the Aquarium of the Pacific that I based this off of.  Speaking of which: Near the Aquarium at Shoreline Village there is a Pirate Festival. My wife and kids are going there with some moms. Yes. I’m not going there. My friend and I are going to a Christian Comic book festival called AlphaOmegaCon.  It’s their first convention. There are some interesting topics being discussed there. I’m also hoping for some networking with local art / media people as well.

Regarding the countdown to 30 days. I have just 6 days left. This means that next week Friday, the software will lock up and I will be without this painting software. I am discovering how great this program is and will need to decide to purchase this version X3 or the new one, or none at all.

Drawn on Corel Painter X3 with custom brush with Wacom Intuos. Day 24 of 30 day Trial.