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This is that moment when we hear the truth and the first beam of piercing light shines through our clouded minds. In that moment a quiet yet tangible and powerful change starts to occur. We want to keep staring into the light, watching it because we are drawn to the beauty of the change like the sunrise.

Edit: I had a similar drawing in 2009 called Spark of Inspiration

Drawn on Corel Painter X3 with custom brush with Wacom Intuos. Day 19 of 30 day Trial.


Went out to take the trash at night. Saw the moon and the street light in one eye shot. I thought it was an interesting contrast. Experimented with the airbrushes today.  Still struggling to harness the power of digital painting. I still feel as if I have to force it to pain the way a normal paintbrush would work.

Drawn on Painter X3 with airbrush with Wacom Intuos. Day 9 of 30 days of trial.