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Octonauts Full Team Attempted – Drawing A Day

Another day of drawing for Elijah. I tried to draw the whole team and ended up not finishing. Not even the drawing.  Professor Inkling (the octopus very loosely drawn), Tweak (the bunny according to me) and Shellington (sea otter, that I drew as a bear because I had no idea what I was doing), are completely off.

Update 2/2/2012: Just found out there is another main character Dashi (the dog) that drives the Octopod.



Drawn with regular #2 pencils

The Octonauts – Drawing A Day

The Octonauts are characters from a book by Meomi that Disney has turned into an animated series. My kids love these characters. They are singing the theme songs from there and everything. It’s mildly educating as well regarding relationships, problem solving, the environment and marine animals. The main three characters are Captain Barnacles the polar bear,  Liutenent Kwazii the Cryptozoology (no that does not have anything to do with hacking or information hiding) the cat, and Peso the Medic penguin.  Their moto is “Explore, Rescue, Protect”. Here is a reproduction of a popular picture of the three characters drawn for Elijah upon request.


Drawn with regular #2 pencils, Crayola color pencils and Crayola color sticks.