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PinionsWith His feathers he will protect you. Under His wings you will find safety. PS 91:4. May the Lord bring supernatural protection to you.

I have decided to purchase the Painter X3 program. I thank God for giving me revelation so that I can have a right relationship with God about art / media as well as my relationship with art / media itself. This is my journey to what God has called me to do in regards to the arts.  More on this as days go by.  I will do my best to try to draw at least one thing a day with the guidelines that I feel God gave me.

1) I will make it my priority to listen to God on what I draw.

2) My art will not be the object of worship. It will not have control over me. It is a tool to lead me and other into an encounter with the living God.

3) I will not justify my own media/art that was born out of my own soul and purpose and use God’s as a reason for it’s significance.

4) I will try to do one a day.