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Annie and I will be going on missions to Paraguay on January 3 2007.
Our flight leaves the US Wed. Jan. 3, 2007 10AM and arrives in Paraguay Thurs. Jan. 4 2PM.
We have plans to stay there for one year.

Φ Where we are going
Villa Elisa – a city in Paraguay near Asuncion

Φ Where we will be staying
We will be staying at the mission center in Colegio Cerritos near the missionary family there. Rev. Pedro Cho & his wife are the missionaries that we will be serving under. They serve the native Paraguayan people through two schools, Colegio Cerritos and Escuela Marangatu (Iglesia Marangatu), & their annex churches, Ytororo and La Lomita.

Φ What we will be doing
For the most part, our daytime work will be to teach at one of the schools. Annie will be teaching english and I will be teaching computers. Afterwards, we have liberty to begin small group bible studies with students who are interested. Also I believe that we will be assisting the missionary and his wife in whatever else they see fit for us to do.

Φ Please support us
Most important support we need is your continual prayer.
We will be updating our info so that you can virtually be there
with us and pray with us in our mission.

Our official mission support letter.

Dear Family and Friends,Greetings! We pray that this letter finds you and your family well. Annie and I have been serving the West Los Angeles Korean Church for over two years together. I have been serving for more than five. The Lord has been so faithful! He is doing wonderful things and I know that He will continue to be faithful to finish the good work He has started at this church through us and other faithful members of this church.Recently, I have received a calling to be a pastor. Along with that, God has given us the opportunity to go to Paraguay for one year, to serve the youth and church of that country under Missionary Pedro Cho. This gives us the opportunity, not only to join God in His work there, but for us to grow as servants of God and be mentored by the missionary and his wife.

On the first week of January, we will be departing for a city called Villa Elisa near Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Paraguay was once ranked as one of the top 5 poorest country but it has been steadily prospering. It has only been 16 years since the country was released from military dictatorship.

The purpose of this mission is twofold. First, is to love God and others in any task we undertake. Secondly, is by filling roles of service. These roles include teaching at the k-12 schools founded by the missionaries; Annie will be teaching eighth grade English and I will be teaching computers. On the weekends, we will get to worship God with the newly planted churches nearby, and in the evenings we may disciple students or lead Bible studies. We have great hope that volunteering in these two areas will touch the community with needed occupational skills and spiritual hope.

The trip is being funded entirely through donations and by those going on the mission trip. Everything that will be used on the trip must be taken with us or purchased there.

We are excited about the opportunity to serve and to minister, and we ask you to join us in ministry. We are seeking your support and prayers for this mission trip. If you are able to assist with this trip, we would ask that you forward any donation to us with the check or money order payable to “West Los Angeles Korean Church”. An accounting of all funds will be available, should you desire to see it, upon our return from Paraguay.

We thank you in advance for your prayers and your financial support. May God bless you richly!

His therefore Yours,
Annie & Shin Kim

P.S. We have attached a short testimony of our call to the mission.

References of facts:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,I, Annie, would like to share a more personal account of how Shin and I sensed God’s calling to serve overseas. This letter is our witness of how we received that calling, and to see if any sense the invitation, by the Holy Spirit, to be our prayer supporters.Recently, our auntie told us about a school in Paraguay that needed English teachers.
Before we even considered it a possibility, our life directions were already set on a different course because, during a worship service that evening, Shin got a second calling to pursue a pastoral education.

A few days later, I began thinking about Paraguay and praying about it. I came across several different verses in the Bible about the Kingdom of God. It led me to ask God, “If the kingdom of God can be found both here and in Paraguay, where should we be?”

Extraordinary coincidences began happening that we didn’t expect. That weekend, the Paraguayan Missionary flew into LA for emergency, family reasons. So we went to hear him speak at his church. The next evening, over dinner, we discussed Paraguay and the mission with him. Next, our former WLAKC youth pastor decided to return to our church and resume the leadership of the youth group. His promise of return eased a lot of our fears about who would care for the youth group. This was still before we told anyone about Paraguay.

At this point we decided to let our family and church leaders know and to ask for their counsel and approval. Our church pastors and elders thought it was good news but decided they would vote and let us know. Next, we told our parents. We thought they would be opposed, out of concern for us, but to our surprise they were wholly supportive about Paraguay and seminary! We considered that a huge sign, in light of their former opinions.

So far, we coasted through the preliminaries. Despite that we went to all the effort to make sure that other people approved, we still hadn’t asked God for personal confirmation. We thought that simple willingness to go or stay was enough to be in God’s will. But we realized that this trip could not be effective or right without God’s command to go. The situation came to head one evening when Shin stated that he didn’t want to go. What a shock! He said he was excited to stay and serve the youth after being instructed to pastor them and he was worried that they would feel abandoned.

I took rapid stock of the former weeks and realized in hindsight, that I (Annie) had been the respondent to all the open doors, arranging to meet the pastor, calling the church leaders to a meeting, and announcing it to our families, whereas Shin had been neutral. If this was not our common direction, then, had this become my personal ambition? I felt fearful that I took the lead in the relationship and was not following after God’s kingdom at all! I repented, and, in my prayer, surrendered my hopes and my role as the initiator. I prayed, “God, if this is your will, then please speak to Shin and give him your answer!” We wanted to be on the same page and have the same Spirit, even if the answer was no.

So for the next few weeks we prayed for confirmation. There was some anguish on my part, knowing that we might have to make a new announcement that we were wrong or had changed our minds.

Then one evening the answer came.

We were both reading the Word. Then Shin looked up with a strange expression on his face, which I think was disbelief, and said, Can I read this outloud?”

Mark 4:21-25 A Lamp on a Stand

Shin responded in his heart, “Ok, God. I’m listening.”
I, Annie, heard, “If God says go and you stay, even the youth ministry that’s already established can fall apart”.

Mark 4:26-29 The Parable of the Growing Seed

We both understood, “Shin, you don’t have to worry about being there to see the youth group growth. God is the one who will make them grow even though you can’t comprehend how. Just plant the seeds.

Mark 4:30-32 The Parable of the Mustard Seed

We both recognized that this verse echoed a vision that our Auntie received while praying over Shin. She saw an image of a humongous tree with thick, green, leaves, a wide trunk, and branches spreading out. She said this was the image of a pastor; people would find rest under the shade of the tree.

Mark 4:35-41 Jesus Calms the Storm

Shin heard, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still not have faith in me?”

That reading was followed by a burning fire in his chest. Each of those short parables, in sequence, addressed and answered Shin’s concerns about going. It was also amazing that it came from the same passage of verses.

The last confirmation we sought was from our church leaders. Shin insisted that we could not go without the Church’s wholehearted agreement. If they voted “yes” we would go. If they voted “no” we would stay. There was a likely possibility, that due to the shortage of teachers in the youth and college groups, it would be more helpful for us to stay and serve.

It was a hard lesson to submit that final decision to the church. But I learned; that, regardless of the good work to be accomplished, missions is not an individual endeavor that one decides to do, and then asks his/her church to support. The decision has to be made equally by the church so that all the parts are aligned with the Holy Spirit’s direction.

I experienced, firsthand, the blessings of submitting to church authority and an increase of joy as a result. We sat in our car, ecstatic and screaming, one Sunday evening when a deacon called to announce that the church pastor, elders and deacons had voted unanimously for sending us. We were on our way with their blessings and a confirmation.

In order to get to this point, we prayed to God and asked Him for His will. He answered through uncanny circumstance, scripture, and human response. We’re asking you to continue making requests to God on the behalf of Paraguay, and for our obedience, so that they would ultimately know the truth about God.

We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true—even in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. 1 John 5:20

8 thoughts on “Paraguay

  1. King Kong

    this is yong’s sunjang, King Kong, You may remember me, very tall guy in shema.
    We ‘ll pray for your mission in Christ.

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  3. Il-Kyu

    To Shin and Annie,

    Hi, Shin and Annie. It’s been more than three month since you guys left to Paraguay. I’m writing this from Pastor Paul’s after school. I was reading my sociology book then something in my heart told me to write to you guys. I hope you guys are doing well. We just came back from the retreat and we received so my blessings from God. Fabi, Tony, Moon, and I received the praying in tongue. This was possible because you guys, Pastor Paul and Sonny teacher has been praying for us. I or we realize how much you guys have sacrificed yourselves in-order to help us keep relationship with the God. Because you guys are not here with us physically, I feel something is missing in our church. You guys have taught us so much not just in our spiritual life but also in how to live like human beings. I thank you guys so much for everything you guys have done for us. Things may be tough now but I believe that you guys will comeback safe and blessed. We will keep praying for you guys and when you guys comeback, I hope all of us has grew in our spiritual journey.

  4. Shin Post author

    Thank you Il-kyu for writing to us. It is encouraging to hear from you. Thank you for the updates and encouragements. It is crazy here, but not in the same sense it is at the US. However we are going through each day depdnding on God and that has helped us to grow. Thank you everyone else for praying for us. Class has just started. I have to go now.

  5. Un Young Kim

    Hi ! annieykim & ShinKim !!

    애니와 신영 파라과이 선교 현지에서 열심히 섬기는
    생생한 모습들을 사진을 통해서 보게되니 더욱 실감이
    있고 많은 감동을 줍니다.

    파라과이 에서 예수님의 복음을 전하는 사역자들의
    수고하는 모습들이 아름답습니다.

    함께하는 파라과이 모든 믿음의 식구들이 너무나 감사
    하고 그곳에 하나님의 은총이 늘 함께 하실것을 믿으며
    애니,신영. 더욱 좋은것으로 하나님께서 채워 주실것을
    두손모아 기도합니다.

    LA 에서 할아버지 김운영

  6. Soojin (sister)

    Hey you guys,
    God Bless you for all the good work and struggles you have endured in Paraguay. I am sure this experience will change your life forever and hope it will bring you greatness in the future. (i dont think im making sense)

    Aneehoos. I miss and love you both very much! I cant wait to see you when you get back.

    Love ALWAYS,
    Soojin (your sister)

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