Shin Y. Kim
Worshiper of the true and living God.
Husband and father of three.
Executive at Bega, a label manufacturing company owned by my father.

Affinity for. . . 
Drawing, painting, designing.
Writing and drawing comics and illustrated stories.
Computer programming for desktop, mobile & web.
Electronics, Robotics, IOT
Making jingles for the mundane things of life.

You can also find me on:
EMAIL: shinkim.net@mail.com
TUMBLR: shinkimnet
INSTAGRAM: shinkimnet
FACEBOOK: shinkim.net
TWITTER: @shinkimnet
PINTEREST: shinyk78
Last Updated: 12-18-2015

6 thoughts on “About

  1. paul kim

    Hey shin…. well i heard that you now have bugs or pest problems. Well hope God helps you get rid of ’em.
    also say hi to annie for me and esther

  2. Shin Post author

    Hey Paul, Thank you for praying for us about the bugs. They are a constant problem. . . however I think it is getting better now. I will tell Annie that Esther says Hi.

  3. popojo

    Yo Simon, cool website. I didnt realize how busy you and annie have been the past couple of years. Its great to see you so active with the kids and with all the missionary work you’ve been doing. I’m still up in San francisco doing my thing in the financial world. Your picture on this page is pretty trippy, but you’re still the stud I remember you as from back in the day. Good luck with all your endeavors and keep chuggin along!

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