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4 thoughts on “Paraguay Videos

  1. Nasim

    Hallways and stairs: did they realy say hi to you when you were vidio camering or were they just wavving because you had the camera? Btw…I like the outfits they got there…very…clasic..^^

  2. Nasim

    WOW! that citris thingy movie..hahaha….and nice gifts! ^^ nice tie shin…better wear that…hahah well those fruits are huge(well the grapefruit)!!! 0.0! lemonade anyone?? well missing you guys all the time! be safe!

  3. Un Young Kim

    가족들이 Torrance에서 함께 만나 기쁨을 나누게 해주신 하나님 께 감사하며 Shin과 Annie 에게 그들에게 주신 사명을 잘 감당하게 하도록 능력과 건강을 주시어 많은 열매를 맺기를 기도합니다.

    May 19 2007
    LA Grand Parent Un Young Jung Nim

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